Marta Poblet is an Associate Professor and Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University’s Graduate School of Business and Law. Her research interests cover different areas in law and technology, including mobile technologies, open data, crowdsourcing, conflict management and crisis mapping. She is doing research on crowdsourced civic systems to leverage collective knowledge and open data in different areas (law and policy, disaster management, citizen science). He is also interested in the connections between these empirical approaches and the different theories of democracy. She has been the PI of a number of national and international research projects and has published over 40 scientific articles on these topics in journals and books.

Pompeu Casanovas is Director of Advanced Research, Professor of Legal Philosophy, and Head of the UAB Institute of Law and Technology (IDT-UAB). In Australia, he is Research Professor at La Trobe University, and Key Researcher at the CRC Data to Decisions Project. He has been Principal Investigator of over 50 national, European, and international projects. He has published over 10 books and more than 200 scientific articles in the areas of legal philosophy, legal sociology, intellectual history, and AI & Law. His recent publications include the development of legal ontologies to implement semantic web technologies; models of governance to implement security, privacy and protection on the web of data; and mediation, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), and crowdsourcing to foster democracy and citizens’ participation.

Enric Plaza is a Research Professor at the Artificial Intelligence Institute of the Spanish National Research Council, where he is currently Head of the Learning Systems Department (LSD). His research spans different areas of Artificial Intelligence, including knowledge acquisition and validation for expert systems, case-based reasoning, machine learning, and multiagent systems. His is now focused on new techniques for case-based reasoning, learning in the framework of multiagent systems and argumentation. He is is author or co-author of more than 150 scientific papers in journals and conferences, and has been involved in 14 international projects and 21 Spanish projects in Artificial Intelligence.